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Who We Help: Creators


The IP Ecosystem Starts With You

Every idea starts with a creator who can identify problems and solutions or develop something new and original. Although creators are responsible for the spark and inspiration of the ideas that change and enrich our world, they often need to work with and rely on others in the complex intellectual property ecosystem to help get these ideas productized, packaged, protected, and into the market, including support from protectors, such as legal professionals, and enablers such as marketers, manufacturers, corporations, consultants, and investors. 

As a creator in the IP ecosystem, it is important to understand how IP protection can be leveraged to protect your ideas. GIPA is a valuable resource for creators to help make IP less intimidating. We provide a variety of resources, expertise, and connections to demystify the complex and sometimes confusing legal domain so that you are better-equipped to get your ideas from your head to hands!


Our program, events, and resources are tailored for you.


How GIPA Serves

We have a rich and evolving calendar of programming and events. These gatherings bring together different perspectives and participants within the IP ecosystem to learn and discuss their IP needs for today and tomorrow.

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Want to be part of the exciting world of intellectual property? Don't miss our events where we celebrate and push the boundaries of innovation. Join us now and experience the thrill of being at the forefront of IP!

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