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Economy Fueled by Innovation and Creativity

As part of this knowledge economy, IP plays a critical role – which means a healthy IP ecosystem is essential. Too many people are either unaware of the role IP plays, have misperceptions of what IP is and how IP works, or focus only on friction points in the IP ecosystem rather than the many different ways that IP benefits society.

The Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA) was formed in 2018 to drive change by creating a model IP ecosystem in the state of Georgia, a hotbed for innovation and creativity. Here at GIPA, we are building a network with the resources, expertise, and connections to help make IP easier for people to understand and ensure that every aspect of this ecosystem runs smoothly. Whether it is the author or innovator who develops the ideas, attorneys who help identify and protect the ideas, or those who help bring the ideas to market, GIPA brings it all together. In the process, we seek to level the playing field for all.

IP Ecosystem

Create. Protect. Enable. ®

GIPA is built on the foundation of people, relationships, and trust, and has three distinct pillars that work both independently and collaboratively to make the model IP ecosystem a reality. 


People are the most important asset in every high-performing organization. People are responsible for generating ideas, solving problems, and doing the work that is needed for an organization to function.


While both an axiom and cliché, the statement that “relationships matter” is also true. Organizations are built on people working together to achieve a common goal. The relationships between people play an important role in the success or failure of an organization.


Trust is built on the organizational concepts of credibility, respect, and fairness. It is essential to form strong relationships and to inspire those inside and outside of the organization that the organization will do what is right.


Three Pillars of GIPA

The three pillars of GIPA provide the organizational structure needed for the 90+ member Board of Directors to operate successfully. Each pillar has its own team and committee/subcommittee structure and is provided with the opportunity to develop its own strategic objectives that support the overall organizational strategic objectives. Even still, there is significant alignment and overlap between the different pillars and the teams work collaboratively to engage the various stakeholders. 

IP Education & Awareness

Seeks to build awareness of IP amongst every resident in the state of Georgia about what IP is and the role it plays in their life and the economy. 

Collaborative IP Ecosystem

Seeks to connect all constituents of the IP ecosystem to identify challenges and opportunities to more efficiently and effectively bring new ideas to market as fast as possible at a fair price.

IP Diversity & Inclusion

Seeks to level the playing field so that all people and ideas can reach their full potential and equitable access to IP.


Our Board

The success of GIPA is a tribute to the significant efforts put forth by the current and former all-volunteer Board of Directors. The board members come from across the IP ecosystem and are committed to making IP accessible to all.

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DE&I: Key to IP Success

GIPA recognizes that the definition of success requires deliberate and intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).  Only by leveling the IP playing field will all people have equal access to IP protection and opportunities for professional careers in IP.

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Any individual or organization donating $100 or more will receive Founder recognition, including recognition as a GIPA Founder on our website, listings in various emails and social communications, and at our marquee events year after year. The Founding status tier is determined by the cumulative contribution received by GIPA, allowing individuals and organizations to increase their status year over year. 

General sponsorships and sponsorship of specific events also can qualify individuals and organizations as a Founder.

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We Appreciate Our Sponsors!

The financial support of our sponsors helps offset the operating expenses of our active volunteer organization, enabling GIPA to increase its investment back into the community. 

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Contact Us

Reach out to us for sponsorship inquiries, program ideas, or questions about who to contact for help.